Hello everyone! If you are wondering, I have revived Wikipedia's predecessor, Nupedia. I have revived Nupedia to serve as wikia's free online databse of information. While the online encyclopedia is revived into a wiki, I ask that you the users of Nupedia advertise the wiki because we need all the help we can get. 


When creating a page, it must contain valid non biased information and have cited resources to validate the information. If a page does not have cited resources, please look up on the web for resources and cite it to prevent the page from being a canidate for deletion. Pages cannot contain profanity, nudity, nor anything that goes against Wikia's terms of use. 


Blogs are intended for news and update purposes only. No blogs shall have questions, proposals, etc. 


When uploading a file, please make sure the file is safe and contains no virus of any kind. Files also have to follow wikia's guidelines and the wiki's guidelines.

Nupedia's basic guidelines

  1. No profanity.
  2. Edit with good faith.
  3. Do not start a edit war, pages may be protected by admins to stop the conflict.
  4. Revert vandalism.
  5. Be kind to one another.
  6. Follow Wikia's guidelines.
  7. No threatening.
  8. Always give cited resources in a article.
  9. Never ever ever ever undo a good quality article and blank it.
  10. to be continued.

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