Hello! I'm Kerry Stapleton, the main administrator at the Numedia Foundation, and I'm writing this blog post to encourage you to get involved! Numedia run several wikis - Nupedia, Nutionary and - and we hope to make more! We are competitors to Community Central, and we love participation; we want everyone to get involved.

The Numedia core belief of letting anyone write anything true extends to all the wikis. If you want to make a page about a business that Wikipedia defines as 'Insignificant', then go ahead - even if you founded it. You can upload images easily - without fancy 'Sign here, here, here and on the top of Mt. Everest'! And as for 'policies', anyone can edit without being hampered by them, and any mistakes (not blatant vandalism - durr) can be sorted by the admins.

So to celebrate this, we are promoting all admins on any Numedia wikis to admins on Numedia, Nutionary and - just make an edit there (can be a sample edit!) and we will promote you! Just go through this website here - its quickest:

(or - if you like - the French version:édias_Wiki)

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