Kerry Stapleton

aka Kerry St.

  • I live in In Aldwich tube station.
  • My occupation is Running Ghost Trains from Aldwich north to Holborn and to the Northern City Line; South to Bank via Blackfriars
  • I am Male, and 'Kerry' is an Irish name - look it up
  • Kerry Stapleton

    Hello! I'm Kerry Stapleton, the main administrator at the Numedia Foundation, and I'm writing this blog post to encourage you to get involved! Numedia run several wikis - Nupedia, Nutionary and - and we hope to make more! We are competitors to Community Central, and we love participation; we want everyone to get involved.

    The Numedia core belief of letting anyone write anything true extends to all the wikis. If you want to make a page about a business that Wikipedia defines as 'Insignificant', then go ahead - even if you founded it. You can upload images easily - without fancy 'Sign here, here, here and on the top of Mt. Everest'! And as for 'policies', anyone can edit without being hampered by them, and any mistakes (not …

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