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Nupedia is an English language online encyclopedia originally founded by the Wikimedia Foundation yet was then revived by a member of wikia to rival Wikipedia. The original Nupedia lasted from March 2000 until September 2003. It is mainly known now as the predecessor of Wikipedia, but Nupedia had a seven-step approval process to control content of articles before being posted, rather than live wiki-based updating. The original Nupedia had only 21 articles in the first year while Wikipedia had 200 articles in the first month, and 18,000 in the first year. 

As revived, on Nupedia anyone can edit yet articles need resources proving their validity like Wikipedia. Nupedia now also allows the wiki style so anyone can add a page and upload files. The revived Nupedia someday hopes for a goal of one million articles.


Early History

In fall of 1999, Jimmy Wales began thinking about an online encyclopedia built by volunteers and in January 2000, hired Larry Sanger to oversee its development. On March 9, 2000 the project finally went online and by November of 2000, only two full length articles have been published onto the encyclopedia. From its beginning, Nupedia was a free content encyclopedia, with Bomis intending to generate revenue from online ads on annually. Initially the project used a homegrown license, the Nupedia Open Content License. In January 2001, it switched to the GNU Free Documentation License at the urging of Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation. 

A year later, Nupedia started Wikipedia as a side project to allow collaboration on articles prior to entering the peer review process. GNE never developed and the threat of competition between the projects was averted. Wikipedia began to grow more contributors and quickly developed independently from Nupedia. The wiki also led to the demise of Nupedia. 

Due to a collapse of the internet economy at the time, Jimmy Wales discontinued funding and Sanger resigned from both projects soon thereafter. Once Sanger resigned, Nupedia became an afterthought to Wikipedia and as it dwindled into inactivity. The Nupedian website at was shut down on September 26, 2003 and its encyclopedic content, which was described as limited, has since been assimilated into Wikipedia.


Years after was shut down, on August 7, 2013, Nupedia was revived by a wikian to serve as a rival of Wikipedia[1]. This revival was to be made as a small competitor except with more features due to it being hosted by Wikia. While none of the original articles aren't gone, the revived Nupedia allows for full user contribution.

Hours after the revival and creation of the wiki Nupedia, the founder invited two friends[2] to help and create articles and within two days, the wiki reached 42 articles. A day after its revival, it also attempted to provide a link to Nupedia on the Wikipedia article[3], yet was taken down for it not having a reliable source.

Nature of Nupedia


Unlike the old Nupedia, this one is open to outside editing. The revived Nupedian administration allows for a new Nupedia without a peer reviewed process. Nupedia staff recommends people sign up on the encyclopedia to prevent their IP address from being publicly displayed.


Vandalism is common among many MediaWikis that allow open editing. Vandalism is not taken lightly by the administration.

When an administrator is offline, a contributor has the ability to undo the vandal's edit and report the vandalism to an administrator.


  1. Reviver of Nupedia is User:SpanionAuthority
  2. First two staff members of Nupedia known as User:DrukeTheFluke and User:Grémmian
  3. Attempt at getting a Wikipedia link

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