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What's Nupedia?
Nupedia is a new online, peer-reviewed, International English encyclopedia. It is searchable and is also organized hierarchically and alphabetically. Nupedia is "open content" or "free"; we want the contents of the encyclopedia to receive the widest possible distribution. Reading Nupedia will always be free of charge and therefore the project of building it depends on volunteers-possibly you!

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Adding content
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  • Check out the community portal to see what the community is working on, to give feedback or just to say hi.
  • Or head on over to the forums and coordinate with the community on editing, projects, and more.

Welcome to Nupedia!

Suppose scholars the world over were to learn of a serious online encyclopedia effort the results of which were not proprietary to the encyclopedists, but were freely distributable under an open content license in virtually any desired medium. How quickly would the encyclopedia grow?
We are building the world's largest International English, peer-reviewed encyclopedia. It is free. We have the time, money, personnel, and commitment. But we really do need your involvement, too.
We are writing a complete encyclopedia from scratch, collaboratively. We started work in 2010. We've got 98 pages now. We hope to make over 20 000. So let's start. Write from scratch a little (or a lot) about what you know!


We are somewhat a half breeded Wiki because we use MediaWiki instead of the older NupeCode. People will be able to make there own articles but we will still try to follow Nupedia's rules while NOT following any of the Wikipedia's rules.

How do I participate?

You do have to become an official part of Nupedia in any of the above capacities in order to participate; there are a number of ways in which you can help while remaining "in the background".

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