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The modern Ampersand character

The Epershand (also known as the Ampersand or the 'And Symbol', written '&') is a punctuation mark (formerly a letter) that represents the word - or occasionally sound - 'and'. The slang name 'Ampersand' comes from the fact that in the days when it was considered a letter of the alphabet, it was read out as 'and per se and', which was routinley slurred to 'Ampersand', in a manner simmilar to 'Ellemenna' (based on the tradition of reading out letters that stood alone as words - I, A, (formerly) O, 
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English Grammar & Typography

Epershand (Ampersand)


Aitch (Hetch)


Round Brackets

(formerly) & - with the latin 'per se' before them).

Grammatically Correct UsageEdit

The symbol is today used to dontate the word 'and' within the name of an official establishment (such as Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.), or to replace 'and' during 'speech within speech' (such as "It was terrible, and my mum said 'it is so sad & upsetting'; she has a point"). When it was a letter, it was at first correct to use it as the sound 'and' or 'ann' (but not as the word 'an'); the word sand was written as s& (but with a non-acending '&').

Other UsesEdit

It is sometimes used as a substitute for the word 'and' in circumstances that are not grammatically correct, or simply as a blind substitute. It is important in URL Code as a substitute to the '?' if a URL ends in a '?' already, and it is used to show an action command.

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