Page protection is a tool available to administrators that stops the editing and/or moving of a given page. Uploading new versions of files can also be stopped. This policy outlines how use of this feature is strictly regulated.

To protect a page there must be a valid reason, and that reason must be added to the summary. Talk pages shall not be protected under any circumstances.

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Temporary protectionEdit

All articles should only be temporarily protected, if this is actually required. The expiry should be the shortest time span possible.

A page may be protected for up to a week to avoid an edit war. Messages should have been sent to the users involved, but this must not have had an effect. The rationale behind this course of action is to force the users onto the associated discussion page for the period of the page protection. Admins should only mediate the discussion. Whatever the last revision of a page, it being protected is not an endorsement by the admin. If in doubt that an edit war is occurring, a good rule of thumb is to look for repeated edit reverting for no apparent reason.

A page may be protected to avoid vandalism by multiple vandals, especially anonymous vandals, for up to one month. Beyond that, blocks should be enforced if required.


You may contact an administrator for the protection of an article. The admin shall assess whether or not the article needs it.

Permanent protectionEdit

Permanent protection may be used as a preventative measure on elements of high importance to the wiki. Examples of these are:

  • Pages that relate to site administration may be permanently protected if deemed necessary (but not in general);
  • Pages such as templates or images, that are used in prominent positions.

Protection of the main page should be avioded, as Wikia Staff only allow spotlights on wikis without the protected main page. Also, it gives a much nicer first impression if people can add to or fix the main page.

Admins and editing protected pagesEdit

Unless the page was vandalized, no administrator may edit an article that is semi-protected for a valid reason. The only exceptions are adding/removing categories, and tagging with maintenance templates. This does not apply to permanently protected pages. beuracrats, however, my still edit the articles.

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