Civility must be maintained by all users at all times. This wiki does not prohibit debate, nor certain forms of arguments for that matter. However, this policy is here to outline how there is a difference between making a strong argument to build consensus behind and submitting a weak, uncivil attack. The definition of civil, although relative, will be defined for all intents and purposes in this page with regard to the Wiki. Our purpose here is to build content, not insult each other.

The most basic principle of wiki-civility, is not to attack another user personally. If you dislike an idea/an edit/an article (etc.) of theirs, explain why in a respectful manner. If somebody is attacking you, you are under no obligation to reply. You may ask an administrator to have a word with them, especially if they continue to message you. It is understood that what a user may say to you in this situation will most likely be very offensive. However, replying in kind is the absolute worst thing you could do. Not only is it likely that they will get even worse afterwards, but it also undermines your position, and leads to you becoming equally disruptive to other users. It is about the content, not the person, and even if somebody is being mean, it is about the action, not the person.

Unless a user refuses to remain calm, this policy shall most rarely be enforced with blocks. Instead, view this page as the expected conduct of all users on this wiki; the dos and don'ts of criticizing other users. 

By editing, or otherwise contributing to, Nupedia you agree to Wikia's Terms of Use, in particular the "User Conduct" section.

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